September 13, 2023

U.S. Representatives Moore, Landsman, Yakym, and Pettersen Launch Bipartisan What Works Caucus

Today, U.S. Representatives Blake Moore (R-UT), Greg Landsman (D-OH), Rudy Yakym (R-IN), and Brittany Pettersen (D-CO) launched the bipartisan What Works Caucus to ensure that federal taxpayer dollars are invested as effectively and efficiently as possible to improve outcomes for children, families, and communities nationwide.

The Caucus will bring together representatives from across the political spectrum to help Congress evaluate which programs and policies deliver the best results and use evidence and data to shift federal dollars toward what works. It will also spotlight data-driven local, state, and federal efforts that are improving outcomes for residents in Utah, Ohio, Indiana, and Colorado so they can expand across the country.

“Evidence-based policy making has been at the forefront of my legislative strategy since my first day in office,” said Representative Blake Moore (R-UT). “As we seek to rein in wasteful spending and more effectively use our federal resources, the need for a data-driven approach in Washington has never been clearer. I am grateful to co-lead the What Works Caucus and promote efficient and effective policies that we know work.”  

“We have to ensure tax dollars go to support what works, which means Congress must always take a data-informed, outcomes-based approach,” said Representative Greg Landsman (D-OH). “This caucus, and those of us pulling it together, will push for common sense and bipartisan legislation that will improve the lives of children and families back home.”

“With our nation $31 trillion in debt, it’s clear Congress needs to get serious about cutting government waste,” said Representative Rudy Yakym (R-IN). “That means using the data to evaluate which federal programs are working efficiently as intended, and as importantly, which aren’t. I am excited to help launch the What Works Caucus and for the opportunity to work with my colleagues in a bipartisan way to help ensure Americans’ tax dollars are being spent wisely, not being wasted on bloated bureaucracy.”

“Congress needs leaders who are committed to putting forward evidence-based solutions to our nation’s problems,” said Representative Brittany Pettersen (D-CO). “A data-driven approach allows us to demonstrate to people, beyond a concept or an idea, that a policy actually works and will contribute to the betterment of our country.”

The new Caucus builds on the growing momentum in Congress for evidence-driven decision making, following the introduction earlier this year of a bipartisan resolution to establish a new Commission on Evidence-Based Policymaking to help Congress better integrate data and evidence into the legislative process.

“We commend these bipartisan members for launching the Congressional What Works Caucus and working across party lines to help Congress improve the impact of federal investments and deliver better results for the American people,” said Michele Jolin, CEO and Co-Founder of Results for America. “Results for America is proud to support the bipartisan Congressional What Works Caucus, which will help lawmakers use evidence and data to make better decisions and invest in solutions that improve lives and make the best use of taxpayer funds.”