February 29, 2024

Congressman Blake Moore's Statement on the Continuing Resolution Vote to Avoid a Partial Government Shutdown

“For months, Speaker Johnson has been negotiating an appropriations agreement that will reduce year over year spending for the first time in over a decade, and we are set to vote on the first package of these bills next week. For years, Speaker Pelosi jammed members of Congress with giant omnibuses without any time to read them. Speaker Johnson is bucking that process and adhering to the 72-hour rule that will give all members enough time to actually review the bills—a major, welcomed change.

Over the past week, I have hosted several town halls throughout my district and heard from constituents on just how difficult a government shutdown would be for their livelihoods. The First District is home to 40,000 federal workers, uniformed personnel, and military dependents who rely on federal paychecks for their work and service. While this appropriations cycle has been frustrating, I look forward to lowering our federal spending for the first time in recent history and ensuring our service members receive their paychecks.”