April 07, 2022

Congressman Blake Moore Appointed by Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy to Serve as China Legislation Conferee

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Congressman Blake Moore (UT-01) was selected by House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy to serve as the House Republican Conferee from the Armed Services Committee to the Conference Committee to negotiate a compromise bill between the House and Senate to bolster U.S. research and technology and counter and compete with China. Congressman Moore will serve alongside House Republican Ranking Members on the House and Senate China legislation conference to help surge U.S. innovation and industry and preserve our competitive edge over China. The conference committee will negotiate between the Senate-passed U.S. Innovation and Competition Act and House-passed America COMPETES Act to invest in U.S. manufacturing and address global semiconductor and supply chain shortages.

“It is a huge honor to serve as a conferee to advance critical legislation that will strengthen our competitiveness with China,” said Congressman Blake Moore. “It is far past time that Congress comes together on strong legislation that will directly counter China’s efforts to weaken our economy, stifle our innovation, and compromise our security. I am looking forward to representing the House Armed Services Committee in this capacity and working with my colleagues to craft solutions that will bolster and maintain America’s dominance on the global stage." 

“Countering the Chinese Communist threat is the single most pressing issue we can undertake in this Congress,” said Leader Kevin McCarthy. “We cannot continue to choose inaction or a weak approach if we want to secure a revitalization of our domestic manufacturing and bring those jobs back to the United States. This Congress cannot bend or bow to China's lobbying efforts. We need strong voices in this process who will put American interests above all else. I am confident these members will never waver in their commitment to only advance legislation that will help our national security, protect our economic prosperity, and that will hold the CCP accountable.”

 “I am proud that Rep. Blake Moore will be representing House Armed Services Committee Republicans on a conference committee to advance legislation focused on countering China,” said Ranking Member of the House Armed Services Committee Mike Rogers. “Rep. Moore has been a leader on the Committee in preparing our military to best counter and combat the pacing threat of China.”