Law Enforcement

Cities throughout the country are reckoning with the consequences of “defund the police” movements and other measures that erode law enforcement’s ability to protect our communities from harm. Police departments throughout the country are experiencing record levels of attrition and low morale with the increased scrutiny and criticism of law enforcement, pushing people away from pursuing careers in this critical profession.

I believe it is short-sighted to think our country cannot accomplish two goals at once. Law enforcement can be both empowered to perform their jobs with high levels of professionalism and respect for the rule of law while also re-establishing trust within the communities they serve.

I will support policies that protect law enforcement’s ability to protect and serve while also demanding accountability when breaches of trust occur. No vocation is without its bad apples, and law enforcement is no different. However, condemning an entire profession of the honorable and brave men and women that serve our communities only further destabilizes cities and states already experiencing record levels of crime.

Since being elected, I have held several law enforcement roundtables to hear directly from these professionals about the challenges they face. I am committed to working with advocacy groups, community leaders, and police officers on how we can prevent federal overreaches that impede state and local law enforcement’s ability to protect and serve.