Foreign Affairs

The United States finds itself increasingly engaged in competition with adversarial peers in addition to confronting threats from rogue nations and international terrorism.

A resurgent Russia and increasingly aggressive China are intent on destabilizing the unprecedented era of peace and prosperity enjoyed since the fall of the Iron Curtain. In order to maintain rules-based international order, the United States must continue engaging with the emerging world.

Today, the United States does not have the choice to focus solely on our allies in the Indo-Pacific area of operation. As China grows its hegemony throughout the world and expands its manipulative and predatory alliances, the United States must confront the CCP at every turn. This means stepping up to meet the challenges of developing nations with growing economies and young populations. We are the preferred partner across the globe, but other nations will enter other spheres of influence in the absence of American leadership.

Right now, the world is watching Russia’s unprovoked war against Ukraine. Parallel to the invasion of Crimea in 2014, the world is reminded of what Vladimir Putin is capable of when the White House projects weakness and division instead of unity and power. We must continue supporting our friends in Ukraine and shoring up our NATO alliances to deter any further Russian aggression.

Maintaining over-the-horizon capabilities is key in the fight against global terrorism. Congress is constitutionally mandated to engage in rigorous oversight over the executive branch. Following the Biden Administration’s disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, I was the first member of congress to introduce any Afghanistan-related legislation. After nearly 20 years of continuous deployment, the sacrifice of over 2,000 American lives, and $2 trillion dollars in taxpayer money, the American people deserve to know what went wrong in the days and months leading up to the Biden administration’s withdrawal. The Afghanistan Accountability Act was a crucial first step in identifying the breakdown between the intelligence community, Department of Defense leadership, and administration officials that facilitated this humanitarian and geopolitical crisis. Key portions of the bill were included in the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2022.

Though our country faces many challenges, the spirit and resolve of the American people will allow us to overcome if we work together. I am eager to unify Americans and offer productive solutions that restore our national power. I am using my positions on the House Armed Services Committee to craft policies that modernize our military, rebuild our energy independence, and regain our global dominance.